And the GTA Summer We've Been Waiting For Has Arrived

So the big talk on the town this past week has been the weather. After months of what has been dubbed "the summer that wasn't", this past week summer weather has seemed to make it's debut in the GTA. And how has this conclusion been made you ask? Well, in just the past week, temperatures have soared into the high 20's with humidex well into the 30's and you know what? It's bloody HOT!!!!! (And for you American readers, don't forget, we go by Celsius here in Canada.) Now, yes, I admit when I do the conversion into Fahrenheit, 30 degrees Celsius is only 86 Fahrenheit and it doesn't sound that hot... and us Ontario folk are just babies right? But you forgot to factor in the lovely humidity and smog!!! I went to L.A. one summer when I was in high school to visit family and it was 103F when I was there and that 103 did not feel close to being as hot as 30C does here! The humidity and smog here is crazy!
So many people around here are so happy that summer is finally here and that we're having hot sunny days, but really Mother Nature, does it have to be THIS hot??? Ugh.. for my lifestyle, these soaring temperatures just don't work well. I am out riding my horse about 5-6 times a week and doing it in temperatures like we've been having just is not fun for me or my poor horse. I was actually really liking the summer we've had to date with temps staying in the low 20s!
I certainly don't want winter to come yet simply because the -20C temperatures are just as bad in my opinion, but dare I ask - is it fall yet??


2 Responses to “And the GTA Summer We've Been Waiting For Has Arrived”

Dartboard said...
August 17, 2009 at 12:06 AM

I dig the layout---never been to Canada, didn't think it got that hot.

Laura said...
August 17, 2009 at 2:57 PM

Thanks for the nice comment!
Never been to Canada you say? You should check it out sometime - it's a beautiful country. :)