I Think I Almost Just Passed Out

So, I just received an email from my all-time favourite band, Our Lady Peace, containing the following set of teaser vids...

standalone player

This spring, OLP are embarking on a historic tour where they will play two of their most epic albums, "Clumsy" and "Spiritual Machines", in their entirety during 2 nights. I am lucky enough to hold a pair of tickets to their "Clumsy" show on March 12 and honestly am bursting with excitement! Now that these teasers have been released, I can't contain this excitement any longer!!!

To make things even better... also the reason I almost passed out, I just heard an interview with OLP front man, Raine Maida, saying that there's a very good chance that 2010 will be another year of new music! Not only are OLP working on releasing another album this year (hasn't even been a year since their last new one!! excited!!!!!!), BUT... Raine is also planning on releasing another solo album this year!!!

Phew! I need to take a little breath here!! Someone pinch me!!


One response to “I Think I Almost Just Passed Out”

Ebony Jewel said...
January 31, 2010 at 12:54 PM

You're so lucky!!!

Aaand you have officially been blog pinched - still with us? LOL