Holiday Time!

Finally it is time for me to embark on my summer holidays! I'm not really venturing far away, but am very excited for a well deserved and much needed break from the office. I have not had a week off since before Christmas, and to make it even better, my boyfriend has the week off too!!! Looking forward to spending some good quality time away with him with not a care in the world! I'm not sure how much access I will have from the computer so if there are no new posts on this blog, I shall return! :) I will however do my best to try and continue on with my music one though. Have a great week everyone.

My New Blog

I have decided that one blog is just not enough for me and have started another. ;) But seriously, I have come to the decision that I am going to venture on a little experiment so-to-speak. On my new blog, "365 Days Of Music", I plan on listing one of my favourite songs every single day for the next year. If I am able to keep up with this, I think that the result will be a pretty amazing play list of my life in music. Feel like following along? Check it out!

Harper Late....Again!

So stuff like this really ticks me off. First of all, I have absolutely no problem saying that I am 100% not a Conservative supporter and voted for the Liberals at the last election -- not for this joke, Stephen Harper. Does he not care what kind of image he portrays for our country? The G8 summit is going on in Italy right now and this morning he showed up late for the traditional photo of all the leaders. So yeah, he was late.. why am I ticked? Well this was not the first time! He actually missed the photo at the last G20 summit forcing the photo to be re-taken when he arrived. Seriously Harper, international politics are not a joke. You are supposed to be representing our great country with pride. You are not supposed to be an irresponsible joker!

Ottawa Bluesfest

Are you attending??? I figure that I might as well post about the Ottawa Bluesfest since it begins today! For those of you in the Ottawa area, or plan on being in the area in the next week and a bit, the Bluesfest is always something great to check out. My all-time favourite band, Our Lady Peace, is playing this year and I couldn't be more excited. The tickets are purchased and my boyfriend and I area making the trek to Ottawa early next week to catch the show. This will be my third time attending Bluesfest, and if it's anything like the last two times, I know it will be an amazing show! Definitely something worth checking out.

Some Amazing Photography

Yesterday while browsing the web, I came across a link to some photographs taken of my favourite band, Our Lady Peace. Naturally, I immediately clicked the link and was isntantly wowed. Being a true, long-time fan of the band, it was so great to see how the photographer was able to portray OLP and their own unique personalities within the shots. You could even see how the essence of OLP was captured in the shots that did not even include members of the band. I am wowed every time I look at them.

So who is this incredibly talented person behind the camera you ask? The photographer is Lisa Mark from Toronto. Lisa is best known for her incredibly unique and fun wedding photography (I honestly wish there was some possible way I could afford her for the day I get married because seriously, her wedding photography is so original and out of this world!), but after looking her her shots of OLP and upon looking further through her blog and website, I realized that she is also an incredibly talented music photographer. She not only took the amazing photographs of OLP, but I also came across some equally amazing shots of the band Sloan. When I see images of Sloan, I am immediately brought back to my childhood. When I was about 12 years old, one of my older brothers had his own 'zene' in which he protrayed Sloan in their own comic called "Sloan Wars". Long story short, through my brother I became a fan of the band and even got the pleasure of meeting Chris Murphy when I was only 12 years old. I remember when I was 19 in university, we met again and I kind of made him feel bad when he said to me "God, now I feel bad for asking you out for beers with us! Come on! I met you first when you were twelve!". Anyway, the guys from Sloan are all incredible guys who have always stayed true to their roots and true to their fans and it is so nice to see how Lisa was able to show that in her shots. The image below totally and completely captures Chris' outgoing personality.

I am so glad I came across Lisa's blog/website as it will definitely be one that I keep my eyes on for the years to come. And who knows, maybe, just maybe I will get to use her services when my big day comes.

Please click the image below to visit Lisa's site. You will not be disappointed with what you see.

M.J.'s Memorial

For those of you who have accesss to a television and/or able to watch the livestream, Michael Jackson's memorial is taking place today beginning at noon. Hopefully it will be re-aired (although I'm pretty sure it will) as it will most definitely be something to see. This will be the ultimate send-off for the King of Pop. RIP Michael.

My Guilty Pleasure in Summer TV

Begins this week!!! It feels like it's been forever since BB10 last summer and yes, I fully admit, I am SUPER excited for the premiere of this summers installment! I always fluffed off this show up until a few summers ago when BB8 aired. I was bored and lonely that summer, so I turned on the TV when the show premiered and then I was hooked. If you have the time to devote 3 nights a week to the tv (thankfully I have a PVR becaue YES, I do have a life! lol) Big Brother will definitely entertain. :) Can't wait!

Happy Birthday Canada!

I must take this opportunity to wish my incredible country a belated birthday!! Happy Birthday Canada!!
Due to Canada Day falling on a Wednesday this year, my week has been sort of messed up having a day off in the middle. The other days of the week were way too busy to compensate for the day off, thus, my lack of time to make some posts! Shame on me! I did thoroughly enjoy my day off this week however. My boyfriend and I got to spend the entire day together (something that does not happen too often due to our jobs). We had a lovely time soaking up some sun and going for a super nice walk down by lake Ontario. It really was a perfect day.