Hiding Behind The Monitor

Due some recent events in the horse world, I am finding myself very frustrated with a certain online forum today and can't keep my mouth shut any longer. I choose not to post on this particular forum anymore, so my little rant gets to be posted here. And I must add, I was an AVID poster on there in my teen years when people on that forum were actually nice!

Since most of you probably have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, here's what's been going on.

Last night, a brand new horse 'reality' show premiered on CMT. Basically the show follows three young entrepreneurs as they go through the ups and downs of running their own stable north of Toronto. I have yet to see the premiere since it aired at 11pm, but I am already almost disgusted with the feedback they have been getting on this certain forum.

This past week leading up to the premiere, one of the girls from the show started posting on this forum in attempt to hype it up and make everyone aware. The girl was excited, so I certainly don't blame her for her actions. Maybe two days ago, the rudeness on the board began. The show had not even aired yet and people were already on this girl's case. One poster even took to wishing nothing but failure on the show, it's participants, and the farm they run!

Now that the show has aired, the flaming and rudeness just continues. I know I have yet to see the show, but still. What good does it do to hide behind your computer screen and bash someone else for at least giving something a try?

Maybe the show sucks! Maybe it's actually great! My opinion - who cares! As someone who's been involved some way in the horse industry for the past 16 years, I find it exciting that they're actually putting forth an effort in airing more horsey programs! Heartland, the drama set out in Alberta has had much succces, so it's great to see a reality-type show coming forward. All involved in UnStable have put a lot of work and heart and soul into their show. People should just be happy that there's something horsey on tv rather than continue to pick it to shreds. It's amazing how people can be so rude when they are hidden behind a monitor.

Rant over! :)

Instant Gratification

I'd like to say that I am a very observant driver. I like to know what's going on around me and what other drivers are doing - at ALL times. C has a great time making fun of me while I drive and constantly comment on the stupid driving maneuvers I see around me. I didn't use to be like this. It just seemed to happen over time. It also doesn't help that my daily commute is on one of the deadliest stretches of highway in Canada.

I honestly never encountered so many bad drivers before I moved to the GTA. (to my American readers GTA = greater Toronto area) I come from a smaller town in Eastern Ontario where it's rare to even encounter 3 or 4 cars as you pull onto the 401 -- unlike here, where you're pretty much guaranteed to pull right into traffic anytime you get on. In my city/town here in the GTA, a yellow light suddenly means "go faster and lets see how many more we can get through the intersection before the light turns red!", not "time to slow down and stop". I actually even got rear-ended several years ago because I stopped when the light was yellow! It was a very snowy day, the roads were bad, so I felt it would be safer to stop rather than attempt to turn left on a yellow. I stop, then suddenly feel a BANG behind me! Unbelievable!

Another big thing I noticed here in the GTA is SPEED. Holy cow, people around here are always in such a rush! I've learned to not even bother going the speed limit because if you try, you will have a pile of cars right on your but, or zipping by you. The speed limit on the highway is 100 km/hr. In the mornings on my way to work, I quickly realized that if you don't want to die, you best be going at least 120! It's nuts!

Yesterday on my way back to the office from lunch I was driving on a main road in town where the speed limit is 50 km/hr. I was driving around 56 km/hr and there was this complete douche bag on my butt. He eventually passed me and that was it. Fast forward several intersections and I see a police car coming up behind me in the other lane. After a few lights the officer ended up ahead of me a bit, but I could still see him. Good news, the douche bag from earlier certainly did NOT see him! I don't know how he didn't see him either since the officer was in the right lane, about 2 cars back from douche bag in the left lane sitting at a red light. Well light turns green, douche bag speeds off. He was probably going 65 in a 50 and BANG... lights go off on the police cruiser and douche bag gets pulled over.

Instant gratification.

I've Been Hit By The Bug

...the cupcake bug.

I don't know what it suddenly is about cupcakes that is making them such a rage these days, but you see them talked about on blogs everywhere and all I know is that now I want in.
I've loved baking for as long as I can remember. When it comes to the kitchen, I have the mentality of "Give me a recipe and I can cook or bake anything". Trying new recipes excites me and I love to see the outcome. I never really put much thought into cupcake baking or even starting to bake more until this morning when a friend of mine introduced me to the online store, Bake It Pretty.

OH...... MY....... GOD........

This store is absolutely drool-worthy for anyone who likes to bake - ie. me! I've been browsing this store all day long while making a mental list of things I would like to purchase with money that I do not have. If there was only some possible way that I could bake and actually make some money for it!
Despite my current lack of funds, I just might have to purchase a thing or two from this store and possibly try my hand at the cupcake thing. Who knows, maybe I'll actually be really good at it and something could actually come out of this silly new-found obsession of mine! Am I crazy?

A Visit to a Former Home

For the first time in a LONG time, C and I actually got to spend a Saturday together. Due to his crappy part-time job which he has to work while finishing up school, he very rarely gets time off to spend with me on weekends, so this was a big deal to me.

I already had plans to attend a warehouse sale for a store that sold horse-related products and he gladly decided to tag along with me. So we woke up early and made the trek across the big city as the sale was of course, on the opposite end of the city from where we live. The sale was great and I purchased everything that was on my list and nothing more. I was very proud of myself!

Since we were already on that end of the city and not far from where my grandfather is buried, we decided to drive over and say hi. Anytime someone from the family is in that general area, we try to stop in and check on things and make sure is all good. Several years ago, his grave was actually sinking and falling off it's base, so we like to keep an eye on it, and of course say hi. I never knew my grandfather because he passed 5 years before I was born, so it is always kind of nice to stop by and say hi.

When we were done at the cemetery, I looked at the time and it was only 10:30. We were only 20 minutes away from my University town so my mind started thinking and planning. I have always wanted to show C my campus from my University days, and especially in the fall when the leaves were different colours. He agreed it was an optimal time to go, so we continued down the highway.

Oh how I miss my former home.

The University of Guelph.

When I was there, working on my degree, I LOVED my school and the campus, but I never realized that down the road I would have such an emotional attachment towards the place. Prior to this weekend, I had not been to Guelph and on campus since '06, the year I graduated. So that moment when we drove into campus on Saturday I was almost surprised how my heart started going and I instantly felt this overwhelming feeling of joy and comfort and HOME. I really truly MISSED this place!

Although it was a little windy and chilly, the campus was exactly how I remembered it. As soon as we entered the University Center, which is like the main building, it honestly felt like I had never left. The feeling I had was almost surreal, and I loved every moment of it.

There was so much that I wanted to show C, but due to limited time, we just made the general walk around campus. I brought him to 'my' building, which was where 90% of my classes were held, thus most of my time during those four years was spent in this building. Everything was the same, even the smell. He thought it was kind of a funky smell, but again to me, it was home. It was incredible. We also walked by my old residence building where I lived during my first year and then made a stop in the campus store where he bought me a new U of G travel mug.

When we finished out walking tour and our lunch, I didn't want to leave. But, I knew it was time. As much as that place feels like home to me still, it was my home of my past, not my future. It was the home that helped enable me to be able to provide for my future and I love it for that. I hope to continue to visit this former home of mine periodically over the upcoming years, and can only hope that this feeling of home that I had when on campus never fades.

The Inevitable Post About...


I've been toying over the idea of even making a post on this topic and after mulling over it for the past few days and having it be the main topic of conversation in the office, I figured why not.

I'm not really sure as to how things are going down in the US in terms of new cases and vaccinations, but I imagine, H1N1 is still 'the talk of the town' down there too. Up here in Canada, the vaccine was approved yesterday and Canadians in New Brunswick will be the first to start receiving the shot on Monday, with other provinces to follow shortly thereafter. One of the biggest questions on everyone's mind is "Will I get it?"

Personally, I really don't think I am going to get it unless, and only UNLESS someone in my family, or someone I work with contracts it. You may think I'm stupid for not getting it, but I have my reasons. My main thought here is what are the side effects? You can ask, but no one knows yet because this hasn't even really been tested. I'm assuming that companies usually spend at least a year developing and testing new vaccines and medications, not months! It just seems too fast. Then I read about the fact that although vaccines in Canada are not supposed to have mercury, that the government allowed for mercury to be put in the H1N1 vaccine if that meant it could be distributed quicker! I don't know, the whole thing just doesn't sound right to me.

H1N1 is just like any other flu. Hundreds of people die of the common flu each and every year, we just don't hear about it! Due to this alone I find it hard to understand why this is such a big deal. I guess the only reason there's such commotion over H1N1 is because it's so new. But, as long as you're healthy and practise practical hygiene, you really shouldn't have an issue. *Knock on wood* I never get the flu shot, and I've never gotten the flu. *knock on wood again* because I exercise, eat well, get my 8 hrs of sleep every night and wash my hands!

Side note: despite everything, it's amazing how many women don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom! Although I am one of only 2 women in my office, a local newspaper rents out one of the floors in our building and the women there share my bathroom. At least once a week I am in the bathroom at the same time as one of those women and they go to the bathroom, turn the tap on for maybe 3 seconds, turn it off and leave... these are grown women people!

To my readers: Are you planning on getting the H1N1 shot? what about the flu shot?

I think there are just way to many uncertainties revolved around this so I don't plan on getting either. To good health!!

One Step Closer to 30

Am I upset/worried/depressed/uneasy? Not at all!

If you haven't already guessed by my title, today is my birthday and I have officially turned 26 years old. I have passed that hump of my 20s and am now one step closer to 30. I think I must be the odd one out if/when compared to most people my age. You constantly hear about people, mostly women, dreading about turning 30. Perhaps they're worried that they haven't accomplished what they thought they would by that point in their life? I'm really not sure.

Today I find myself one year closer to 30 and I don't harbour any bad feelings at all. I'm actually excited! For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be older. When I was little, I would dream about getting married and having a family, so I looked forward to get older because it was at that point when those opportunities would come to me.

Despite a few bumps in the road over the years, I am overall pretty happy where I am today. I accomplished what I wanted to education-wise when I walked away with an honours degree 3 years ago. I currently hold a full-time job and although it is not my dream job -- YET (that will come in time) -- it has allowed me to be able to purchase a brand new car at 22, become a homeowner at 23, all while being able to keep the horse which my parents bought me when I was 16. I spend my money as wisely as I can, and although it's tough, I know I made the right decisions.

In late March 2008, I was lucky enough to come across this amazing man (C) with whom I quickly fell deeply in love and we've been together ever since. We talk all the time about the many plans we have for our future together and I honestly could not be more excited to see where our road will lead us. So, now that I really think about it, I think that C is the main reason why I could care less about being closer to 30. We have an amazing thing together that is so rare these days and I am constantly finding myself looking forward to growing older with him and seeing where we end up.
On that note, I will embrace 26 with open arms and keep on looking forward to seeing what 30 will bring me.

Reading..and a Review

When I sit and really think about it, I have the strangest reading habits.

Growing up, I would read a lot. I had my favourite series' like Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, The Saddle Club, Goosebumps, etc.. and really loved immersing myself in the pages of each new book. That was until I went to university. While at university, since I spent the majority of my time reading for school, I just didn't have anything left in me to read for pleasure. And sadly, in a way, I actually resented reading by the time I graduated. My reading habits got so bad, that I chose to purchase a subscription to Cosmopolitan when I graduated so I was at least reading something!

Fast forward about a year and a half... my relationship of 3 years ended suddenly, and very badly. I was completely heart broken, living in a big house all on my own, in a town where I had no friends. One day something clicked in me and I decided that I had enough and needed to do something rather than sitting along feeling sorry for myself each and every day. So I made a trip to Chapters. There's something special about that store that makes me just want to spend hours on end walking around looking at all the beautiful books. I picked up James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" on that first trip. I thought it would be fitting to read about his struggles (let them be fiction or non-fiction, that didn't matter to me) while I was trying to raise myself up after my recent struggles. I literally plowed through that book in a couple of days and at the completion of that book, my love of reading was resurrected.

That winter I spent all of my spare time immersed in so many different wonderful books. I just couldn't get enough! That was until my bank account told me that I had to stop spending so much money on these things. It just so happened that around the same time I met C and spent all my spare moments with him, so I didn't miss reading all that much. We have now been together for about a year and a half and this past spring, thanks to being able to win FREE money for amazon via Swagbucks, I have begun purchasing books again (for FREE) and haven't been happier. I've been able to balance things out and get my reading fill in at night before bed and on weekends when C is working and it's great! :) My dream is to one day be able to have my own little library in my basement with all my favourite literary works. One day...

So on to my review for the day! :)

Yesterday I finally finished reading The Time Traveller's Wife by AudreyNiffenegger. A good friend of mine had been recommending it for a while, then after seeing the trailers for the movie in the summer, I decided I had to read it.
I was hooked from the moment I first opened this book. I loved Audrey's writing style, writing from each of the main character's point of view. It was such an interesting and creative writing concept and story I give it 5 starts for sure. I laughed, I cried, I felt hope and dread for the characters. I felt like I knew the characters personally and found myself so personally invested in their outcome as I flipped from page to page. I know the movie probably won't measure up a most movies don't, but I certainly can't wait until it is released on dvd. I think it's going to be a must buy.

Recovery Begins

..I hope.

Yesterday, 1 day after surgery, I was allowed to bring my little cat Piper home. I was a bundle of nerves and excitement for the remaining few hours of work and the drive over to the vet's office come 5pm.

I arrived to a massive bill, special instructions with pills, and a sad looking cat. I know many people think - "It's just a cat", but he's more than just a cat to me. We've been through a lot together these past 5 years and it breaks my heart to see him hurting and unhappy. Before I left, the vet gave me the opportunity to take a look at the x-rays of my little guy's bladder. I think I literally proclaimed to the vet "Holy Cow!". On the x-ray, you could literally see a pile of stones with the crystals all around it. This mound took up more than 3/4 of poor Piper's bladder! No wonder the little guy was having troubles. The vet then compared with an x-ray post-operation and you could see that they managed to clean out about 97% of the crap in his bladder, so he shouldn't have any more issues with blockage now.

After saying our good-byes and I was given my final instructions, I packed up Piper in the car and off we went on our trek home. He let out one sad, scratchy little cry and didn't make a peep the whole rest of the trip.
Upon our arrival at home, and a hello from his 'sister', my other cat Boo, I then spent the next half an hr following Piper throughout the house with paper towels as he was bleeding as a result from having a catheter in for over 2 days. -- Does anyone have tips for removing blood from a light beige carpet?

Once he made his walk around the house, he parked himself in front of his water dish and started to drink! Yippe!!! I was so excited because for 2 days before I brought him back to the vet on Tuesday, he would not drink.

He spent all of last evening either on me, or right beside me on the couch snuggling and purring his brains out, so I guess that's a good sign that he's feeling a bit better. I decided to have him sleep in my room with me so that I could monitor his bathroom usage, although he did not go overnight. He actually spent the entire night right beside me on my bed. It was really nice to have him home.

My mom went to visit him after lunch for me since I am stuck at work and although he still has not peed, I sent her over with some new food which he gobbled right up. Now that he's eating, hopefully stuff will start to come out again. I may have to call the vet again when I get home tonight, but I remain hopeful. There are many other little things that he's been doing since being home which show me he *is* feeling better, so I think it's just a matter of time before his body starts functioning properly again.

In the meantime, I will continue to baby him and do my best to take care of him on this road to recovery.

A Big Surprise!

Holy cow! I actually won an award!

I'd by lying if I said I didn't feel even the slightest bit of envy each and every time I visit a blog that is covered in lovely awards. I've secretly always wanted one, and honestly never really thought that I'd actually get one BUT.... here it is!

I'd like to take this opportunity to send big thanks to Meg from Lost In Thought for giving me this award. I came across Meg's blog not too long ago and just love it to bits! I make a point to check out what she has to say each and every day - you should to the same!

Now being awarded this blog doesn't only mean that I get to post this image for all the world to see. There are several duties I must complete in order to fully accept.

So for my first order of business, I am going to award this to three of my favourite bloggers!

Three Stride Studios - Kristen is a good friend of mine and an amazing up-and-coming photographer.

Rachel (Not Rebecca) - I came across Rachel's blog about a month ago and can't go a day without checking if she has something new to say. She definitely deserves this one.

Pieces of Awesome - Another must-read on my daily blog roll list. She's witty, random and funny - everything you need for some entertaining reading.

I really recommend you all check out these blogs. Hopefully you love them as much as me! :)

Onto my second order of business in my acceptance of this award....

7 Random Facts About Myself

1. I am a huge homebody. I'd rather stay home snuggling and watching movies over going out any day.
2. I don't drink (alcohol that is). Although I did have my moments during University where all I wanted to do was party, aside from the odd 1/2 glass of wine on special occasions, I do not drink.
3. I met the love of my life via a free online dating site. Yup, that's right! It does work people!
4. Bought my first house at 23 years old. The bills do suck still, but things will be so much better for me in the long run.
5. I got my Bachelor of Art's Honours Degree in Classical Studies - Ancient Greek and Roman History. Absolutely LOVED everything I learned about. ..... I now work in the electrical industry. Go figures.
6. One of my biggest dreams is to go to Rome and see everything I studied. I just might pass out with excitement the day I get to step foot in the Roman forum.
7. I honestly don't think I could go one day without listening to even a little bit of music. It's in my blood.

Phew! done! Thank you again Meg! :)

A Thanksgiving Feast

Despite all the crappy stuff going on with my cat over the long weekend, I still managed to put that stress aside and cook up quite the tasty feast for my family. I'm totally going to toot my own horn here, because I'd be lying if I didn't say that my turkey was cooked to perfection! I think this was my best turkey yet. It was so nice and juicy and was a hit all around. I also made my first cheesecake (a pumpkin cheesecake) which was also a huge hit. That recipe will be a keeper for the future.

Here are the pics of my work. :)

Gobble Gobble!

Our spread..oh the choices!

My pumpkin cheesecake.

A Family Emergency

I've had quite the eventful Thanksgiving weekend. My dinner ended up being fabulous (I will post about it tomorrow), but all the moments in between, were unfortunately not so fabulous. :(

In attempt to make a long story short...

Friday I noticed unusual behaviour in my 5y/o cat, Piper. I caught him peeing on one of my bags which was laying on my bedroom floor. That night after work, I brought him a brand new litter box to see if perhaps he was unhappy with his current one. I quickly realized he was having troubles in the peeing department. He proceeded to lay in his new litter box for over half an hr trying to pee, but unable to.

I rushed him to the vet Saturday morning where the vet chose to keep him for several hours. After being sedated and given a catheter, the vet realized he has crystals. Go here for a good explanation as to what that is: http://www.homevet.com/petcare/cystitis.html

I was allowed to bring him home Saturday mid-day and was given special food and some meds for my poor boy. The vet called at noon Sunday to check on him and he was doing ok. He had eaten a whole bowl of food and was peeing a bit, so I then went on to my parents for thanksgiving supper.When I got home Sunday night, I found three massive piles of vomit -- the amount looked to have been everything that would have been in Piper's stomach. From Sunday night, until this morning, he hadn't eaten, had anything to drink, let alone pee... so I rushed him back to the vet before work this morning.

I received a phone call around 11 this morn from the vet saying that he ended up having to do xrays and on top of the many crystals in Piper's bladder, he can also see some big stones that he will not be able to pass through the catheter. So my options... surgery or, put him down.

After giving it a LOT of thought, and talking $ with my dad, I have decided that I don't have the heart to put him down yet without giving him a chance. He is only 5 years old, so I'm going to let the vet do the surgery in hopes that it helps him out. My dad is giving me a loan to cover the costs and we will work something out for me to pay him back.. because the surgery is $$$$$.My little Piper is on an IV right now to bring up his strength, and he goes into surgery tomorrow. He needs as many good vibes as he can get!!!

Was George Orwell Right?

I don't think so. But many people do.

Earlier this week, Google Street View went live in Toronto and it's surrounding areas and many people think it's as if "1984" has finally come to life. They be live that Google has invaded their lives and privacy. My response to this - SERIOUSLY??

Honestly, I think these people are just a little too paranoid. Yes, there are people who have been captured by the camera and are visible on Google now - but it's not like it's live. They've been captured in a moment in time. How is this an invasion of privacy? Google did not snap pictures of people in their homes. They drove down streets and took pictures of houses and buildings. I wouldn't say that is an invasion of privacy.

I actually think this Google Street View is a pretty clever idea. Unfortunately I have not been able to see it for myself yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out. I think it is going to be such a useful tool to people in the future.

Imagine you're moving to a new city, or visiting a new city. You have an address of a particular place you need to go to and now with Google Street View, you can actually see what the place looks like. The ability is now there to find landmarks at a corner you might have to turn at. You can find your boundaries long before you even arrive in said city. I think it's brilliant!

Say you move to a new city and want to find a certain store? You can just browse around and find one using this feature.

I think this new way of mapping is genius and it's only going to be a matter of time where those who think that they whole thing is too Orwellian are going to need to use it to find something. Only then will they realize that their original opinions might now be different.

To my readers: what are your thoughts on this? do you think it's an invasion of privacy?

Remember When...

...Mc Donald's sold pizza?

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Wednesday Fun - Another Meme

Happy hump-day all!

I was tagged by Rachel from Rachel (not Rebecca) and figure that since I've developed quite the blog crush on her, that I better follow through and complete this.

Five people I hope are eaten by a rabid pack of Velociraptors:
  • Stephen Harper (he's making a mess of Canada; I did NOT vote for him)
  • Jon Gosselin (so sick of seeing him slowly destroy the lives of his beautiful children via his own selfishness)
  • Kanye West (seriously, why does this guy think he's god's gift to the world)
  • Lindsay Lohan (just go away please)
  • George Bush (yeah he's not president anymore, and you don't hear about him much, but come on! he screwed up more than just America.)

Five drinks I love:

  • skim milk
  • green/white tea
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Tropicana's Apple juice
  • white chocolate cafĂ© mocha from Starbucks

Five favourite quotes:

  • "There's no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse." - Robert Smith Surtees
  • "It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters." - Mother Theresa
  • "Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right." - Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)
  • "Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.” - Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)
  • "Somewhere behind the athlete you've become; the coaches who pushed you, the people who believed in you, the long hours of schooling, the dirt beneath your nails, the falls you've taken, the ribbons you didn't win, the tears you've cried, and the horses you've given your heart to, is the little girl who fell in love with a horse, and never looked back. Ride for her..." - author unknown
Five things to do before I die:
  • marry the love of my life (C)
  • go to Rome
  • have a job I absolutely LOVE
  • become a mother
  • learn how to speak some Polish

Five bloggers I am stalking *ahem* have a crush on (and therefore are tagged to also complete this meme):

Five famous famous men I’d also like to do naughty things to: (this was originally a question about chicks, but I don’t have any interesting answers for that)

  • Raine Maida (lead singer from Our Lady Peace)
  • Sam Roberts
  • Jim Sturgess
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • John Corbett as Aiden on SATC


For me and my Canadian readers, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Are you prepared?

I thought it was a brilliant idea when I decided to host Thanksgiving at my house this year. I love having people over to my little abode, and the more the merrier right? Well, surprisingly one of my brothers and his girlfriend confirmed that they would be coming! Awesome news right? Within my excitement about having the gang over, C quickly made me realize that things would be *TIGHT* and that got me second-guessing my decision.

You see, I don't have a very big house. In total my house is about 1150sq ft. It's a decent size for me, and will be a decent size for 1, maybe 1 kids. But, it's just not designed for big family gatherings. My living/dining room are nice and open, however my teeny table only sits 6. We have 11 confirmed guests including me. To top things off, my parents would be bringing their 5 month old golden retriever puppy who will be hyper about the fact that there will be many people, and my two cats around.

So... needless to say, I spoke to my parents and I will now be hosting Thanksgiving at *their* house. lol I will still be completely in charge - something that will be very tough for my mom - but it will be at their house. A house where 11 people can sit comfortably around one table and the puppy will be in the comfort of his own home.

I will be cooking the turkey and stuffing - something I am FAMOUS for in my family (just had to brag there). I will also be cooking some butternut squash, and a pumpkin cheesecake (recipe found here.) It's going to be a busy few days, but I think it will be all worth it in the end just to get the big group together.

I will definitely take some pictures to share come Monday! :)

Cops at Work.

At approximately 11:30 this morning, I could have sworn I was watching an episode of "Cops" in the parking lot at my office. Oh the excitement!!

I took a peak over my cubicle to look out the window only to see an officer throw this guy onto his cruiser. This was literally right outside my office! Naturally, I decide to get up and go outside for a closer look. Pretty much everyone else had the same idea, so this criminal had quite the audience as he was being tossed into the cruiser. He was arrested for stealing a vehicle/possession of a stolen vehicle/fleeing from police. The stolen van that this guy was driving ended up in the ditch at the front of our building. After the crash, two men fled the vehicle - one went one way, and the other went the opposite way. The police followed the one down our driveway and got him right where I spotted them.

THEN! THEN! As we are watching the officer throw the first guy into his cruiser, we all spot the other criminal way out back behind our building. Other officers who were there immediately got into their K9 SUV and tore down the driveway to the back. The two officers jump out of the van, and let out one of the dogs. We hear lots of barking and then see them take the guy down.

To make matters even more exciting/interesting, we then shortly after spot the police leaving with garbage bags full of pot. Apparently there are pot plants all over in the fields behind our building. Go figures! We're not sure if the pot is related to the guys they took down, but it was interesting to see how many police cruisers just happened to be around.

This has to be the excitement of the year for this place!

Warm Fuzzies

Despite how pretty much everyone around me is grumpy about the quick change in the weather this past week - ie. sudden cold temperatures - I have to admit, am secretly really happy.

I hate being too hot, and I hate being too cold. But, I would rather be too cold than be too hot.

When you're too hot, there's not too much you can do. Once you've stripped down as much as you can, you're still too hot! But when it's too cold, there's always the possibility of piling on those layers to give yourself that warm, fuzzy feeling.

At this very moment, I am looking forward to getting home so that I can put on my snuggly clothes, heat up my magic bean bag and get cozy on the couch to catch up on my favourite shows .... with my two furry friends.

I'm glad it's fall.