Blogger, It's Been Great

...but I've MOVED!!!!!

Tidbits From My Mind is now on Wordpress!! Please change your links on your dashboards and continue to follow along my silly journey through life! :)

Random Thoughts For Thursday

- Things are slowly coming together again on this little blog of mine - thank you for sticking with me! I've been having a hard time keeping up with my blogging this year for some reason. Perhaps I've taken on too many tasks that my mind just isn't up to it? I'm really not sure. I did know for a fact, that I was still unhappy with the look of this blog. Although changes have been made, I'm still not 100% happy with it. I think I might consider switching over to Wordpress with the goal to try and finally get the clean and simplified look that I want. Any thoughts on Wordpress vs. Blogger?

- Work has been dragging a lot lately... they say the recession is over, but I'm thinking that it's going to take a very long time before things are back to where they were business-wise. I'm not liking how slow it is still. On top of everything we're creeping up on inventory time. I have to come in to work Saturday morning for mandatory pre-inventory setup, then next week after working the whole week, we start counting at 4:30 Friday and work until about 9:30pm... then have to come in next Saturday as well!

- On a positive, C only has 3 more weeks of his internship left after this one. 3 WEEKS!! We are almost at that point that I thought would never come! I keep my fingers and toes crossed daily in hopes that his current employers realize what a great contribution he's made in his short internship and want to hire him on come March 12! The sooner he gets a job, the sooner he can move his butt in with moi! :)

- Not sure if any of you are following my running blog, but I'm happy to report that I hit a major milestone last night! I just completed my 6th week (of 9) of the Couch to 5K training program and ran for 25 minutes with NO walking! This is quite the feat since 6 weeks ago, I thought 2 minutes was tough. I am now only 5 minutes off of my first big goal.

- LL @ Home is off to a great start! The shop has been open for only 1 week and I already have 2 sales! Thank you so much!! I'm going to do my best to branch out and add new and different items asap.

Anyway, sorry for being sort of a Debbie Downer lately! I promise things will pick up once I'm through this dreaded inventory time at work.

Please Bear With Me

Tidbits From My Mind is undergoing changes again... this time MAJOR changes!!! As in, I'm having issues fixing my formatting changes!!

Please bear with me! Hopefully I can get this all cleaned up soon.

New Beginnings!

So.. remember at new years when I mentioned I had a goal of opening my very own Etsy store this year??? Well that time has come! As of today, LL @ Home officially has some goods for sale!

Logo courtesy of my incredible bf C

The store isn't 100% complete yet as C is still working on a banner, but I just couldn't wait to get the ball rolling! I am starting out this business with ceramic tile coaster sets. If I get a good response, I eventually want to branch out and include things like aprons, oven mitts, place mats, etc.

I'm really excited about this recent endeavour, so please do check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Edible Love

What came out of my kitchen yesterday...


Good morning everyone!

I'm writing to you this morning from the comfort of my parents' couch this morning with the cutest golden retriever pup, Charlie, laying on my lap. I am here puppy-sitting so that my parents could attend a valentine's day dance last night. Although Charlie is a great puppy, I've never had to sleep with him, and damn! that boy moves around a lot during the night! Ugh.. I had a horrible sleep because I kept hearing him stretch and move in his crate thinking it was morning. He finally got me up at 6:10 LOL

At least I can't say that I didn't have enough time to get things done today!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

What's In Your Bag???

A few of the lovely ladies on my blog roll did this post this week, so although my bag is a complete disaster - and usually is - I figured why not?!

I promised not to hide a thing... so here she is! ....along with all the crap I carry around with me every day.

So let's start with my lovely purple bag. :) I bought this baby from H&M a few years ago and love the fact that it fits tons of stuff! you can see

On to what was/is in my bag... from the top left, let's work out way across. First we have my little portable drug store lol cramp meds, headache meds, allergy meds... my trusty coupon that have yet to go into my coupon holder...throat drops (from the last time I ws sick)...a stack of camera (well camera case representing my camera)..yes that is 2 pairs of sunglasses you see - my crappy pair which I wear to ride in the spring/summer/fall (no idea why they're in my purse now), and my good pair which I wear day to day...2 pens...some mints..face lotion..deoderant..nail stick..bandaid..tampon..cell favourite wallet..lipgloss pouch (I took out my blistex and 2 lip glosses to show)..and last but not least, my tusty keys!! :)

Hahaha yes, I carry a lot of crap around. I admit it.

So... what's in your bag?