Help Out Some Animals

I am a huge animal lover and my heart melted when I came across this website. The animal rescue site is fully funded by sponsors, and when you visit and click on their big purple button, sponsors will donate money for food and care to animal rescues across the USA. (too bad they don't have something like this in Canada). What a great cause! I am a huge supporter of animal rescues (my 2 cats are both rescues) and although I do not have a lot of money, I will do whatever I can to help. Do you want to help to? If so, just click on the animal rescue site logo to the left. Thanks for reading!

Swag Bucks! Wow!

Search & Win So, I have stumbled across this hidden gem of a site on the wonderful world wide web. This site is called SwagBucks. Via this website, you can earn these points called SwagBucks (SB) which you can in turn redeem for fantastic prizes including gift cards to well known sites (ie. How do you earn these magic SB you ask? One of the simplest ways to earn is by using their seach engine which is found on their main site. You can also earn points by shopping online at one of the stores listed on their site. It is so fun and easy, I recommend everyone joins! Just click on the image to the left here to register and start earning your very own SB! :)

Maybe, Just Maybe Spring is Coming?

Oh how far away those warm sunny days seem. Days when my horse was nice and sleek and shiny. (yes, that is my horse Chelsea to the left)Days where I could just lay outside and soak up the gorgeous warm sun.

Are those days really that far away?

I'm sitting here at the office looking out the window at a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining down. Too bad it's probably about -5 deg. This winter seems like it's going to be never ending!

According to my horse however, spring isn't too far away. Why do I say this, you ask? For the past couple of weeks, my horse has been shedding like crazy!! Her furry wool coat, is quickly turning back into the nice sleek and shiny one seen in this picture. As much of a pain it is to groom her and end up with mouthfuls of hair, I can't help but smile to know that spring just might be on its' way!

I say, forget about what the weather men and women say -- Listen to the horses! :)

About Me

This is Me

I am a 20-something girl living in the GTA.

My 'kids' are my two cats Piper and Boo, along with my horse Chelsea.

I have an amazing boyfriend whom I dub "C" on this blog. (so if you ever see me mention a C, it's him)

I am independent, a lover, a fighter, a friend. I am proud to be a Canadian. I am a musician, an athlete, a cook, an artist...and these are the tidbits from my mind.

My Passion

I had my first riding lesson when I was 9 years old and never looked back. The horse in the picture above is my horse, Chelsea. I got her when I was 16 years old and she still is my number one girl to this day. Nothing is better to relieve the stress of a day in the office than going and floating along on the back of a horse.

So I Have an Addiction...

...I am addicted to free samples! I seem to find myself spending much of my spare time while online searching the web for free samples of anything and everything and I can't stop! In my searches, I have come across some pretty neat sites/forums that I never knew existed. The best thing about these sites is that they are run by and visited by people like me! We immerse ourselves in our obsession and help eachother out whenever we get a tip of anything free no matter what it is. I rush home every day to check the mail box to see what is inside and I must say, it's pretty enjoyable coming home to even the tiniest of samples as opposed to bills, bills, and more bills!

If you are interested in becoming a free sample addict, here are 3 of my favourite sites! :)


Canadian Free Stuff

Free Canada Samples

Enjoy!! :)

An Introduction

I have attempted running a blog once or twice in my life and had trouble keeping up with them mainly because I tried focusing on one sole topic. It proved to be difficult to write about the same topic day in and day out without boring myself and my potential audience. Thus, I am making attempt number three. I enjoy writing about anything and everything. I take pleasure in expressing my thoughts and ideas in writing, and thought the most fitting title would be "Tidbits From my Mind". This blog will consist of various thoughts and ideas, from everything to favourite recipes, updates on my riding, and anything that may come to my mind. I will try my best to make this one interesting. :)