Maybe, Just Maybe Spring is Coming?

Oh how far away those warm sunny days seem. Days when my horse was nice and sleek and shiny. (yes, that is my horse Chelsea to the left)Days where I could just lay outside and soak up the gorgeous warm sun.

Are those days really that far away?

I'm sitting here at the office looking out the window at a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining down. Too bad it's probably about -5 deg. This winter seems like it's going to be never ending!

According to my horse however, spring isn't too far away. Why do I say this, you ask? For the past couple of weeks, my horse has been shedding like crazy!! Her furry wool coat, is quickly turning back into the nice sleek and shiny one seen in this picture. As much of a pain it is to groom her and end up with mouthfuls of hair, I can't help but smile to know that spring just might be on its' way!

I say, forget about what the weather men and women say -- Listen to the horses! :)


One response to “Maybe, Just Maybe Spring is Coming?”

Melanie said...
February 27, 2009 at 8:33 PM

Most animals will start shedding all at the same time. The timing will change from year to year, but they'll all shed around the same time! I say it means spring is around the corner!!