Is It Going to Get Better?

Ugh... Things just seem to get worse and worse around here and it's beginning to get harder to stay optomistic. Two weeks to the day since my head office announced that we all had to take one day off per month no pay, the lay offs begin. Completely unexpected by everyone! Apparantly 35 people in Ontario from my company and out of our 51 branches, 2 were from mine. The one person was understandable..he had only been here just over a year and was not exactly qualified for his techie position. But the other... I am still in shock a week later. The second person in my branch was a good friend and had been working here 27 years! I think I am in shock of the fact that he is gone, but also of the fact that I'm not! Or others for that matter! I am just so confused as to why they chose this person. Our warehouse has more than enough people; they spend a lot of time doing nothing because they have so many people. Yet they lay off a sales person, leaving only 3 in here now. Yes, we're losing money. But we're losing money because we're not making the sales! So why would they lay off a sales person who could by trying to get more sales instead of a warehouse employee?? Ugh.. it's so frustrating and scary. We've been all sitting here wondering -- who's going to be next? If they get rid of another person in the office, I'm scared that I would be next! So scared that I've actually been browsing around online for job postings. *sigh*... when is this going to get better?


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