The Recession Has Hit My Life

I haven't made any blog posts in a while, simply because the recession has finally hit me personally, and I've just been down about the whole thing.
I've already been having a LOT of trouble handling all my bill payments. I don't spend any money that I shouldn't be spending. I rarely make any splurging purchases and have still found myself living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque. It's been a rough road, and will remain so pretty much until my incredible bf is ready to move into my house and help me out. Things have already been going pretty rough for me and then we get the announcement at work. Effective immediately, every single employee Ontario-wide from our company must now take one day off a month with no pay. We don't physically have to take that day off, but they are automatically deducting the one day from our second pay each month - until furthur notice. Yes, I do have to be happy about the fact that I still have my job, But...... DAMN! I'm already just scraping by and now I'm going to be out probably around $100 a month! That's a LOT! I really do not know how else to tweak my budget, and it's getting very scary. I've been paying the most important things on time - ie. my mortgage, car loan, horse board, etc... but some of the other bills and credit cards are starting to pile... I never in my life had credit card debt up until last summer when this whole recession thing started with gas at $1.35+/L! This debt is terrifying me! I think I have a rough several months ahead of me...


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