Oh How Joyful The First Bath Is

I think that only my fellow horse-lovers/owners will understand the bliss I felt this past weekend after bathing my horse for the first time since September!! I mean, my girl was dirty and smelly and greasy! She desperately needed a bath. So as soon as it was warm enough outside, I gathered my bucket and bottles of soap...got my scrubbing strength and got to it. It took about 30min in total and I scrubbed my girl until the water finally ran clear. She wasn't too impressed with the vigorous scrubbing, especially on her head, but I had to simply apologize to her and continue on. I mean her forelock was so dirty that you could scrunch it up in your hand and it would stay put! Once the bathing was finished, I could not even wipe the smile off of my face. It is so nice to see her all shiny and smelling AMAZING! My boyfriend, who is not exactly a horsey guy, was even impressed with my soft and sweet smelling girl. So glad spring is here and I shall no longer have a stinky horse. Well... until fall at least LOL.
**that is my nice and clean girl pictured above**


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