Our Brains and Music

OK, I know some of you may be thinking "Ok, brains and music - where is she going to go with this?" But seriously, I really got to thinking today how amazing our brains are (well at least my own) when it comes to music. I was driving back to work after lunch listening to the '90s Nooner on the radio. One of my favourite songs from my early days in high school came on - Marcy Playground's song "Sex and Candy" (1997). Now, I haven't heard this song in YEARS, but to my own surprise, I just sang along naturally and did not miss even ONE single lyric! And it's been years! This was not the first time I noticed such a thing either. It happens all the time... listening to old albums or the radio in general and without even thinking, I am able to spit out lyrics to song after song! So that's where I really got to thinking and started to ask myself the questions - How is it that I can seem to have a library of song lyrics in my brain, but sometimes have a hard time remembering things such as what show to PVR without writing a note on my hand? It's incredible. I am sure there is some sort of explanation for this, something I do not have time to research on at the moment, and it is definitely very interesting. Is it just my brain that stores lyrics like this? Perhaps because I have been so musically inclined/trained since a young age? Anyone else notice this?


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