So You Think You Can Dance - Top 18

Ok, Ok.. I know, I've been slacking and am very behind in my posts. It's come the time to bounce right back, and what better way to do so, then by beginning my reviews of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). I was introduced to SYTYCD last spring by my incredible boyfriend. It is his favourite show and quickly became one of my favourites as well! Much like I did with the Biggest Loser, I hope to review SYTYCD on a weekly basis and share my love of the show with anyone who choses to read! ;)
This is already shaping up to be a pretty amazing season -- I have so many favourites that I really almost think any one of them could win at this point. I missed blogging about the first week's top 20 performance, but no worries. Most were AMAZING, and the 2 that left, were the only 2 that I really did not have any care for, so we're all good.
Now on to last night's episode. The top 18 performed and it was another great night of talent. Lil C was the guest judge, and that was about the only bad part about the evening. I am just not a fan of Lil C; especially this season. That being said, on to the performances:
The night opened up with an amazing Jive routine by two of my favourites, Randi and Evan. These two have so much talent and so much spark - I thought they nailed it. Unfortunately, Lil C did not think along the same lines as me, and the other judges were more on his side. Boo. I still think they deserved an A+.
Second was Melissa and Ade with a pretty awesome Jazz routine choreographed by SonyaTayeh (I just love Sonya's work). That sexy ballerina, Melissa, really surprised me with this routine. Both did a really good job at taking Sonya's direction and really making it work. I liked it; judges liked it.
Third was Caitlin and Jason doing one of my least favourite - Hip Hop. Honestly, the only time I ever really seem to like the hip hop routines are when Tabitha and Napoleon are the choreographers. The routine was fairly well done, but you could tell that Caitlin was not 100% comfortable with what she was doing. It was a shame, because I REALLY like these two. And they had such an outstanding first show with their Bollywood routine. Hopefully they are not in danger.
Fourth was Jeannette and Brandon with DISCO!!!!!! In my house, you know they did a great routine if we chose to rewind and watch it all over again! (the benefits of having a PVR). OMg this was such a fun and enjoyable routine. Disco routines on this show are always great and you can't help but tap your feet along to the beat. SO GOOD!
Fifth was Asuka and Vitolio with a beautiful Waltz. I was really worried about these two, because they had such a poor first episode - and they are both beautiful dancers. Well they more than made up for it last night with their waltz. Only word that comes to my mind is beautiful. Just beautiful.
Sixth was Kayla and Max doing a Pop Jazz routine. I just LOVE watching Kayla dance and it's so amazing to see her grandparents by her every step of the way. This girl is really going far in this competition I think.
Seventh was Karla and Jonathan with the second REWIND performance of the night!! (I secretly am going to go home and watch it AGAIN!!!) This was *THE* performance of the night for me. They performed an incredible contemporary routine to one of my absolute favourite songs, "Falling Slowly" performed by The Frames (another plug here -- watch the movie "ONCE" just do it!!!). OMG.. yes, an amazing performance. I will be completely shocked if these two are in the bottom 3 again this week.
Eight was Jeanine and Philip with a Tango. I'm not really a fan of Tango. I'm a huge fan of Philip, and thing Jeanine is great at what she does BUT..... last night was just not that good. I'm worried about them. They will be in the bottom three for sure and do risk going home this week.
And finally to close out the show we get another hip hop routine dance by Ashley and Kupono. They are another pair that I really like, but ugh... I really am not a fan of hip hop!! They were sadly out of sync too --- it just was not a good night for this pair either, and I think they risk being in the bottom 3.
All in all though, it was yet another pretty amazing night on the SYTYCD stage. The judges most definitely picked the right people to be in that top 20!! :)


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