The Sick.

Last Wednesday I woke up with the dreaded, but oh so familiar sore throat that one gets on the on-set of a cold. C had been sick since Monday, but I hadn't seen him since Sunday, so I thought that I would be ok. I was wrong.

Literally everyone you talk to around here knows someone who is sick. Everyone on C's campus has it, people from his work, people who I ride with... it's everywhere. I have been calling it The Sick. They say that this flu/cold season will be worse than normal due to the whole H1/N1 thing, and I can see already that they are right.

Since Friday I have literally felt like a big bag of crap. To put it bluntly. I dragged my sorry butt to work on Monday so I wouldn't be frowned upon for calling in sick (yes, that happens here), but ended up going home at noon making it the very first sick day to go on my record in THREE YEARS. Yes people I said it, THREE YEARS. I'm telling you, people talk around here and don't take others seriously when they call in sick. Due to this, I have always avoided doing it. But Monday I wasn't doing so great. It was so bad that even my boss told me to go home after seeing me when he came in.

I had already spoiled my perfect attendance by going home early Monday, so I figured - What the hell! and called in sick yesterday.

My day home sick was one of the most boring days ever. Daytime TV sucks! I didn't want to sleep too much and risk not sleeping at night, so I watched many hours of mindless shit.

Needless to say, even though I still feel pretty crappy due to The Sick, I chose to face the world of work for another day.


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