Hiding Behind The Monitor

Due some recent events in the horse world, I am finding myself very frustrated with a certain online forum today and can't keep my mouth shut any longer. I choose not to post on this particular forum anymore, so my little rant gets to be posted here. And I must add, I was an AVID poster on there in my teen years when people on that forum were actually nice!

Since most of you probably have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, here's what's been going on.

Last night, a brand new horse 'reality' show premiered on CMT. Basically the show follows three young entrepreneurs as they go through the ups and downs of running their own stable north of Toronto. I have yet to see the premiere since it aired at 11pm, but I am already almost disgusted with the feedback they have been getting on this certain forum.

This past week leading up to the premiere, one of the girls from the show started posting on this forum in attempt to hype it up and make everyone aware. The girl was excited, so I certainly don't blame her for her actions. Maybe two days ago, the rudeness on the board began. The show had not even aired yet and people were already on this girl's case. One poster even took to wishing nothing but failure on the show, it's participants, and the farm they run!

Now that the show has aired, the flaming and rudeness just continues. I know I have yet to see the show, but still. What good does it do to hide behind your computer screen and bash someone else for at least giving something a try?

Maybe the show sucks! Maybe it's actually great! My opinion - who cares! As someone who's been involved some way in the horse industry for the past 16 years, I find it exciting that they're actually putting forth an effort in airing more horsey programs! Heartland, the drama set out in Alberta has had much succces, so it's great to see a reality-type show coming forward. All involved in UnStable have put a lot of work and heart and soul into their show. People should just be happy that there's something horsey on tv rather than continue to pick it to shreds. It's amazing how people can be so rude when they are hidden behind a monitor.

Rant over! :)


One response to “Hiding Behind The Monitor”

Meg said...
October 30, 2009 at 10:42 PM

it's true... it's much easier to be mean and rude when you are not looking somebody in the face, and well hidden inside your house!