3X Thursday: Happy Turkey Legs! (To My American Friends)

Well, this week's issue of 3X Thursday isn't exactly geared towards me since I am Canadian. But, I will play along anyway. :)

1. What’s up for Turkey Day this year?
Turkey day for me was back in the middle of October - see my post here. It was a fantastic day though! I cooked up a storm and we just had a great family day.

2. What’s on the menu for Turkey Day?
This years turkey day menu was pretty fabulous. I cooked a delicious bird, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes and squash, while my mom made a dish of sweet potatoes and spinach. All was finished off with a pumpkin cheesecake (my new favourite dessert recipe) and my mom's dutch apple pie. It was amazing.

3. Besides all of the good food, what’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Why?
I think my favourite thing about thanksgiving is having the opportunity to get a lot of the family together. We all live such busy and hectic lives these days and it's so hard to get together - even if some of us live in the same city! Thanksgiving, along with other holidays are so nice as they give us all the opportunity to stop and be with the family we love.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!!


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