Looking Forward To A Day With Friends

I am sitting here in a virtually empty office late on a Friday afternoon. It's already dark outside and although the sight of the darkness at this time of day usually depresses me, I find myself feeling very excited in anticipation of tomorrow. You see, tomorrow I will be spending the day and evening with a group of wonderful friends that I was lucky enough to meet just under 2 years ago. We all met and came together via an online bulletin board called Saucy Piaffe and tomorrow is our second annual "Saucy Dinner". About 20-30 of us horse lovers will be gathering for a night of great food and great company and I can't wait!


One response to “Looking Forward To A Day With Friends”

Ebony Jewel said...
December 4, 2009 at 8:05 PM

Sounds exciting!! I hope you have a good time & no more working late on a Friday night! Friday nights are for relaxing! :)