Why Must We Be Punished To Be Healthy?

The title says it all...

Doctors, nutritionist, friends and family all preach and preach how North Americans are so unhealthy and need to change their diets to eat better. I'm talking about North America as a whole because many Canadians are just as unhealthy/overweight as many Americans.

One of the most important things that individuals need to do to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle is to eat healthy foods. Unfortunately those on the selling end of foods we must consume are a tad greedy and care more about the money going into their pockets than allowing for all individuals to be healthy.

If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, let me lay this out for you. Imagine walking into your local grocery store. You're walking up and down the aisles... picture what you're seeing lined on the shelves, but also picture their prices. If you really concentrate and take a good look, you might be surprised at what you see.

I was raised to be a very healthy eater, so since being on my own, my good eating habits came with me. Unfortunately, over the past few years, money has been really tight for me due to my home ownership. The less money I have in my pocket, the harder it's been to keep my healthy eating habits. Before money became a problem for me, I never realize how damn expensive it is just to eat properly!!! Everything that is cheap and affordable in a grocery store is just garbage for your body! So many companies are spending their time mass producing product that is cheap for consumers to purchase, but at the same time is literally shit for their bodies! And why do they do it? Because they know people will buy this crap, thus making them money in the end.

Seriously, try and do a grocery shop and purchase fresh healthy foods.... it takes so much effort to even find healthy items while trying to stay within a budget!

And this little rant of mine can also be directed towards cat food companies as well. Since my little Piper had his surgery, it was recommended that I change his diet. Well after doing a lot of research, I realized that the pet food I was buying for him in the past because it was affordable, was full of shit that he shouldn't have been consuming in the first place! Cats are carnivores, thus should be eating actual meat. The affordable pet foods in the grocery store are just packed full of by-products and grains acting as fillers! I know must buy an all natural cat food for my cats to ensure that Piper does not get sick again. After being on this food for over a month now, he is healthier than he's ever been. The downside - it's costing me $10 a week in cans, and $18 every 2-3 weeks in a bag of dry! I used to spend about $6 every 2-3 weeks... *sigh*

When you just look at things from a certain perspective, my little statement is 1000% true! We as a society are actually being punished just for being healthy!

It's ridiculous.


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