Some Randomness For Tuesday

How is it already December 1st? I really, honestly don't have any idea where this year has gone! I guess my parents were right all those years when I was a kid and they'd tell me to cherish every moment because when you're older, you won't know where time goes.

We've entered the last month of the year and I'm finding myself and my thoughts sort of all over the place. Due to this, today will be a day of randomness!
  • if you live in the gta, I'm sure you've heard of the arrests made at the Toronto Humane Society last week. As an animal lover, I've been completely enraged with this news and really have been finding it hard to even put my thoughts on this issue in words. For those who have no clue what I am talking about, top officials, and even a veterinarian from the THS have been arrested on several charges including animal cruelty. I honestly can't even bring myself to describe the horrid things the OSPCA have found in the THS facility. It just disgusts me. I hate the thought that all those poor helpless animals have had to suffer due to some disgusting humans. I think I'm going to make it a goal to volunteer for my local humane society in the new year.

  • I'm having thoughts... of changing my blog layout again. I don't know what gets into me, but every few months I just sort of get sick of the look of my blog and think I am in need of something new and fresh. Thoughts?

  • This week is proving to be a very exciting week for me as C is in his last week of school! Yippee! C went 'back' to school as a mature student 3 years ago to pursue something he absolutely LOVES (a move that I am so proud of him for) and he is on the final stretch! So happy for him/proud of him.

  • As for me, I've realized that I am pretty unhappy with my work. Each an every day is almost painful as they slowly drag on and on. I know I just took this job when I finished university because it was here and I really didn't have to put in any effort to get it. I've done a few courses since being here and learned more about the industry, but deep down, I know this isn't for me. I just can't see myself doing this for 25-30 more years. *sigh*

  • On a happier note, I have won another award!!! Thank you! Thank you! my friend Meg over at Lost In Thought

Just like with most awards, accepting this means I have to follow a few rules. The first, seven things about myself:

  1. I am the youngest of 3 in my family, and the only girl. My brothers and I never really got along when we were kids, but it's pretty neat to see how close we've become over the past 5 years. It's really nice.
  2. I am so totally and completely envious of the talent that is Lea Michele (Rachel Barry on Glee). When I was a kid, I used to be in the school choirs, and would act out plays like Cats and The Phantom of the Opera at home. I wish I had the talent that Lea does to allow me to pursue something like that.
  3. I may be a little thing at 5'3, but you might be surprised to know that I'm a little power house! lol Perhaps working with horses since I was 9 has made me stronger? I don't know. I do know though that I'm extremely strong (physically) and it takes a lot to make me give up.
  4. My horse kicked my in the face accidentally 6 years ago. It broke my jaw in 2 places, resulting in me having to get emergency surgery to wire it shut. My jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks, and wires remained in my mouth for 2 months. I was supposed to be wired shut for longer, but the accident happened in November, and my surgeon felt bad and wanted me to get to taste my Christmas dinner that year. So he cut my mouth open December 23. He did an amazing job though! You wouldn't know it happened, unless I told you.
  5. I'm so addicted to music that when I find a new album that I like, I will listen to it non-stop for weeks at a time. ie. have been listening to the Glee soundtrack for about 3 weeks now.
  6. Monday-Friday, I must start my day with a green or white tea. But on weekends, it's all about coffee.
  7. I am completely spoiled by having an incredible mom. I go to her house every day during the week for amazing gourmet lunches. It's such a nice break away from the office.

...why are those things always so hard to do?

Anyhoo, next task is to pass this award on to 4 other blogs.

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  2. Frugal Dreamer
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These four blogs top my do not miss list every morning, so I definitely recommend that you check them out!!


6 Responses to “Some Randomness For Tuesday”

Meg said...
December 2, 2009 at 2:06 PM

first off, I hear you on the Toronto Humane Society...I was completely horrified when I heard about that. I hear about some really sick things people do to animals, being at the humane society so much, but to hear that an actual humane society was the cause of suffering...appalling.

-I feel the same way about my job, and some day I really feel like poking my eye out.

-I so want Lea Michele's voice!! And I am also obsessed with the Glee Soundtrack right now. Can't wait until Part Two comes out!!

Basia said...
December 2, 2009 at 10:30 PM

My brohter had his jaw wired shut this year for about 6 weeks - he actually tried to blend sausage and liquid cheese into a drink. It was pretty..interesting, to watch, lol. I feel you on the blog layout thing. I get so ANNOYED with mine and change it all the time. Sigh.

Laura said...
December 3, 2009 at 10:28 AM

@Basia.. I got so desperate about 4 weeks in that I blended chili!!! LOL i just needed to taste something different! lol

yeah.. I might go on the hunt for a new template over the next few days. I need something more cheerful!

Ebony Jewel said...
December 4, 2009 at 8:12 PM

WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My first blog award! I LOVE IT! Thanks girlie! I'll also check out the other blogs in your top 4 - I'm sure they're totally worth reading.

Anonymous said...
December 5, 2009 at 12:21 AM
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Anonymous said...
December 5, 2009 at 12:21 AM

Aww!! Thank you for the award!! :)

This is the first time I have visited your blog! You should have commented on my blog before, because I have clearly been missing out on your great blog!!