Haiti Is In My Thoughts

..and I did what I could do to help and donated $20 to the Canadian Red Cross. It's not much, but every little bit counts right?

I just can't comprehend all of the devastation over there right now from the earth quake and the fact that there are still people vacationing in the Dominican Republic only 600 miles away! One of my coworkers has a trip booked for the Dominican in 2 weeks and according to his travel agent, everything is still good to go! Personally, I just would not feel right vacationing so close to all of the death and destruction. Actually, I wouldn't feel right vacationing in the Dominican ever considering even before the earth quake, Haiti was considered a 3rd world nation. Something just doesn't seem right about sitting on the beach holidaying on one end of an island while millions are suffering on the other end.

My heart and soul goes out to all of the people of Haiti, and any readers who's friends/family are over there.

I only wish I could do more.


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