The Magical Moulin Rouge

Umm excuse me? Where has this movie been all my life?????

I don't know why, but before last Friday, I had actually never seen this movie before. Me! The one who absolutely loves musicals! Musical shows, theater, movies! I honestly can't say why I never watched it before, but oh my am I ever glad I did! It's never too late, right?

Moulin Rouge has always held a place high up on C's favourite movie list and we've talked about watching it before, but never really found the time to actually put it in. Last Friday we were both tired from a long week and decided it was the perfect time to snuggle up and put this movie in. Knowing my love for musicals, C figured I would love it and boy did I ever!!!

I remember him telling me as the movie started that the first 15 minutes or so could be weird and it seems to throw a lot of people off from the entire movie. I think I almost completely blanked him out at that point because the moment the movie began I was hook! I didn't want it to end! The music! The sounds! The colours! The scenery! The VOICES!!! Wow! I honestly never realized how good Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGreggor's voices are!

I have this odd little knack when it comes to hearing/seeing new albums/movies that I absolutely love. The love kind of turns into a mild obsession for a few weeks. I don't know why, and I can't explain it, but it happens every time. Moulin Rouge was brought into my life last Friday and I have not been able to stop listening to my favourite songs on the soundtracks over, and over, and over! (thankfully C has both soundtracks as well) I have even asked C to bring the movie over to my place tonight so I can watch it again this weekend. I am in love! do you think I'm crazy yet???


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