HGTV - I Love Thee

Since becoming a homeowner almost 2 years ago, I've found myself becoming very drawn to HGTV and it's great programming. I am proud to say that HGTV is now one of my favourite channels to watch on tv. Some of my favourite shows range from Property Virgins, to Rent Me, to Income Property, to House Hunters, etc.. Although I know I could probably never afford to do what people accomplish on those shows, they help get me excited with different thoughs and ideas in regards to how I can make my own home more enjoyable. On top of it all, HGTV also has a great website with even more tips and ideas for viewers like me. :) I am all about plugging things that I like, and I definitely love HGTV. If you are a homeowner and haven't ventured over yet, I recommend you do one day.


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