Some $ Saving Tips! :)

While on the topic of homeownership today, and due to the current economic crisis here and in the US, I thought that I would include a post with a list of things that I have done to change my spending habits in order to be able to afford my house, my horse, and my car all on my own. So, if you are in need of some money saving tips, or are just curious as to what I have done to help, read away. :)

To be completely honest, it's all about priorities and what is most important to you. I can honestly say that I do NOT by any means have a high paying job - I make enough to get by, but learned at a young age how to manage my money and what was most important to me. The three most important things to me at this point in my life are my house, my car and my horse. I will do whatever necessary to ensure that I can keep all three.

Things I had to sacrifice to make this possible:

- no more buying my Timmies coffee in the mornings on my way to work -- I buy coffee at the grocery store and make it at home to bring in a travel mug. Or, I make a tea at home, and bring in my travel mug -- this can save a LOT of $

- no eating out -- My boyfriend and I only eat out once and a while as a treat. It makes the whole idea of going out for supper a little more enjoyable too since we don't get to do it often

- no more booze/partying -- luckily when I included this rule into my regime, I was already SO OVER the partying phase in my life. I also in turn wanted to lose some weight, so I've benefited all around here saving money by not going out or buying alcohol, and by losing 10 lbs!!

- no more weekly shopping trips -- when I first started working full time after graduating university, I needed to start building upon my office wardrobe. I got to the point where I was buying something every pay cheque! This has since stopped. Even though I have those mornings where I look in my closet and think 'I have NOTHING to wear!', I know deep down that I really do, and just suck it up and make myself wear what I have. Maybe once every few months I will buy myself one new article of clothing, but that's it.

- in terms of groceries --- no pre-made foods. Thankfully I was blessed with a mother who was a great cook and she taught me everything she knows. When I go to the grocery store I rarely actually go down the aisles! I buy my fresh fruits and veggies (will opt for frozen ONLY when on sale) and will also try to buy just what's on sale. In terms of meat, I ONLY buy meat when it's on sale for a really good deal, then i will buy a few packs and put it in the freezer. Ie. this past weekend at the Superstore, I bought 6 lovely pork tenderloins for $8! You can make some incredible meals from scratch that really are quick, cheap and incredibly healthy! (I will try to post recipes on here as I go) With this method for shopping/cooking, I have managed to almost spend $30 or less/week on groceries. Maybe every three-four weeks, I spend arond $50 when I need to re-stock my shelves with staples.

- coupons, coupons, coupons!!! they are so easy to get, so find them and USE them!! People complain about things being so expensive sometimes, but there are also so many coupons that are never used!! I try to use coupons as often as I can. And also try to base what I buy on the weekly flyer.

It's a lot of work to be extra careful with my spending, BUT it's working for me!


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