Juno Recap

Last night the 2009 Juno awards were on tv and I must say it was a fairly decent night for Canadian music. One of my favourite artists put on an amazing performance (as usual) and walked away with the best artist award. Congratulations Sam Roberts and your band! :) Dallas Green also put on an incredible, flawless performance with special guest Gord Downie and walked away with the well-deserved best songwrite award.
Now I only say that the show was a 'fairly' decent night due to the fact that the openers and ones that walked away with most awards was the band Nickelback. Seriously?! Rant beginning right about..... now. I really do not understand how and why Nickelback is still selling out shows and winning awards. Come on! This band has been around for what, 10 years or so? They have what, roughly 5-6 albums? They keep winning awards, yet EVERY SINGLE SONG sounds the SAME! I don't get it!
At least the organization who is responsible for the nominations and appointments of the awards were smart enough to recognize and include real musicians like those mentioned above.


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