I'm Still Here!

Wow, it has been some time since I posted last. I don't even know where this last week went. I had to deal with some personal issues over the weekend (a death in the family), but am now working on getting back into the swing of things. I haven't watched any tv, so I am a week behind in my Biggest Loser update, but as mentioned, things will get back to normal now.
Work actually seems to be picking up a little bit, which is fantastic. Things have been VERY slow around here so far for 2009. It's scary when we're all sitting here and the phone isn't ringing. But, like I said, it seems as though things are slowly picking up, so we just might be ok!
My horse is also doing very well. She's still shedding like crazy and is starting to get her shiny sleek coat back. Spring is definitely on it's way! :) I'm still collecting swagbucks, freebies are coming in slowly, and despite how hard the last week has been, I have a fantastic other half and things couldn't be better. Now back to blogging!


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