Monday, Monday..

Well, another weekend has flown by and it is Monday, my least favourite day of the week. I always seem to find myself dreading Monday's simply because it is the beginning of the work week ahead, and I'd much rather it be the weekend all over again. Today is even worse since I really did not have much of a weekend. The weekend did not start at 5pm Friday as I was ever so lucky as to get to count inventory here at work. After counting all of our stock, and then re-counting, I was finally able to start my weekend at about noon Saturday - leaving me not too much of a weekend to enjoy. But alas, that time is behind me and no sense dreading on it now.

A big plus of this past weekend however was that we recieved a bonus at work friday. :) It wasn't much, but I am most definitely not complaining. It came at a perfect time and was enough to allow me to pay my horse's vet bill in full (Chelsea was very sick at New Years and the vet had to come out for an emergency procedure) - now that he is paid in full, it is like one of the many weights on my shoulders have been listed and it feels great. :) Here's hoping that it was the start of a nice stress free week, hopefully with a freebie or two thrown in! ;)


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