Happy Days!

Putting yesterday's negative post behind me, I can now easily say -- Happy Days! :) See! I'm pretty happy.

Now why am I so happy today? Although today is Thursday, it is my Friday of the week! As of 5:00 today, I am officially on holidays from work and don't have to come back until September 8. Again I say, Happy Days!

My boyfriend (let's just call him C) and I don't have any big plans this time, but I think that's the most exciting part about this time off. Besides some plans we have for tomorrow and Saturday, we are just going to take each day as it comes and decide what to do that particular day when we wake up. I may get some much needed painting done in my house tomorrow, but it's not a for sure thing yet. If I don't feel like doing it, then I won't! :) Saturday we are making a small day trip to Toronto (it's only 30 min away on the GO train) to visit with my brother and his fiancee and soak in the ROM. For those who don't know, the ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum. I am a complete museum buff - LOVE history (I did get my degree in Classical Studies), so I am super excited to go for the afternoon. I haven't been for a couple of years, so it will definitely be time well spent. Spending time with my brother won't be too bad either. ;)

I am hoping to be able to make some plugs on this beloved blog of mine here and there and post some pics that I plan to take with my brand spankin' new camera (given to my by C). But, if I get too caught up in what I am doing and decide to take a break from my computer, I will be back!!! Do not fret! :)


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