A Vent About My Cat

I have never met such an oddball of a cat in my life! Meet Boo. I rescued her from the humane society in December 2007 when she was about 4 months old. Right from the beginning, she was the snuggliest and most thankful cat I have ever known. This cat loves people and just loves to be snuggled and hugged. She even greets people at the door like a dog would! So that behaviour alone shows she's quite unique. On the other hand though, she has this other side to her that absolutely drives me crazy!!! Plain and simple, she is a bitch. lol When I am not home, or when I am asleep, she eats all of my plants and spreads the dirt every where.. she takes my coasters and hides them.. takes my hair elastics and hides them.. she even hid my passport at one time!.. she climbs the counter in the kitchen and takes my sponges, garlic, seriously anything she can get her little paws on. It drives me nuts! To top it off, this morning I come downstairs to find my butter dish, which I store 2 shelves up above my counter top, broken in 2 on the counter! Grrr! Any tips on how to control this cute and snuggly little beast of mine?


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