My Summer Vacation - Part 1

My boyfriend and I made the trek down the 401, up the 416 and ended up in our Nation's Capital. We visited with my brother and his girlfriend, did some shopping, LOTS of walking, and ate some great food, and I even got a parking ticket! (which with the help from my incredible boyfriend, was cancelled). In terms of food, I just have to say that I discovered Cora's for the first time and seriously, if you like breakfast, you will LOVE Cora's! Check out their website to see if there is a location near you! Unfortunately I was too hungry when my breakfast hit the table to take any pictures because the food was stunningly beautiful! ....But we were able to get a shot of me enjoying my afternoon snack!

Now, as awesome as the walking and the food was, that was not the main purpose for our visit to the great city of Ottawa. The main event and highlight of my summer to date, was to see my favourite band, Our Lady Peace, in concert at Bluesfest. I've seen them many times, and this was one of their best shows. The crowd was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the band... well, they still remain my musical heroes! I honestly wish I could see them perform every day.

I think the best part of the show would have been at one point, front man Raine Maida walked over to the side of the stage we were at. He then proceeded to climb up the scaffolding (something he tends to do a lot) to get a real good look at the audience. The look on his face was absolutely priceless and it just shows how genuinely appreciative he is of his fans 15 years after later.

After our visit to Ottawa, we ventured a little further east to our next destination - Cornwall. I was born and raised in Cornwall and we went to visit with my grandmother. Unfortunately the visit was not a casual relaxing one, but we went to work by helping her do some painting in her house. It was not a fun time, but that's what family is for right? :)
All and all, even though the last half of our vacation was definitely not as much of a vacation as the first, it was still an incredible week away. Definitely looking forward to Part 2, which begins August 28!


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